Traditionally, the best way for music lovers to support their favorite artists has always been to purchase their music (and to tell their friends). But this is about to change. We are building the Marketplace to support a wide range of ways to engage with your favorite artists. Here's a few examples and developments that we will be supporting!
The NFTs you find on the marketplace can be considered limited editions, digitally signed by the artist. If you buy an NFT, the proof of your ownership (and the proof of your support!) will be registered in the blockchain. Your payment goes directly to the artist - unlike traditional royalties, (where disbursing of funds takes ages and the artist usually only gets a fraction). This means that buying an NFT from your favorite artist is an effective and much appreciated way to support them financially.
The nature of NFTs allows them to be re-sold, for example by re-listing them on the PlayTreks marketplace. Limited edition NFTs may turn out to be sound investments. And you know what? Reselling an NFT will benefit the original artist as well! Every time an NFT changes owner, the original creator gets credited a modest percentage of the amount it was sold for. That is how NFTs really help artists, for as long as they are being traded.
Music, in general, has always been a way to spend your money. Buying music, concert tickets, buying merchandise or collectables. Investing, in general, has always been a way to potentially grow your money. By supporting a cause, company or person you believe in.
Thanks to the innovation made possible by blockchain technology, you as a fans are no longer just a consumer. You can be an investor. Cutting out the middle man, NFTs enable you to invest directly in the artist you believe in. By investing capital toward a new song or album and in return, get ownership in the royalty rights.
And the best thing is: you can experience your investment every day. Listening to songs, attending performances and engaging with your favorite artist - it's not only fun, but it will also raise the value of your investment.
And so much more!
This is just the beginning, we are working on many more opportunities for you to follow your favorite artists, show your support and obtain fan-only access and perks. To name a few of our developments:
  • Keep up to date with news of your favorite artists via news feeds on their marketplace profiles
  • Join exclusive fan clubs - buy into a wide range of music artists by investing in their tokens (NFTs) and become part of their exclusive fan club
  • Enjoy unique experiences. From virtual and physical gig experiences to one-off collectibles.