Like any marketplace, the PlayTreks marketplace connects supply and demand. Our marketplace unites sellers and buyers of NFTs in the music industry.
The suppliers: creative rights holders
Our marketplace is open to any creator or rights holder to original creative work - such as graphics or video. Our suppliers, the sellers of NFTs, are all music right holders, such as recording artists and labels in the music industry. Using the PlayTreks marketplace, they can reach new audiences to sell their NFTs to. These NFTs can have various forms and functions.
The buyers: anyone!
By definition, everyone with an internet connection can visit and enjoy the PlayTreks marketplace. We will be working hard to make our marketplace as accessible and as user friendly as possible, to enable as many people as we can to enjoy the work of our creators.
That being said, we mainly expect this marketplace to be visited by music enthusiasts, fans and friends of any artist or label, as well as NFT collectors looking for new assets to add to their collections - ranging from music to art.
No need to say that our sellers can of course also be buyers, and (since NFTs can be easily re-listed on the marketplace after buying them,) buyers can become sellers as well. Happy trading!