Artists and labels can have various reasons for switching distributors. Let's look at a few examples.
  • Maybe you distributed your first releases with Tunecore a few years ago, and paying an annual fee of $50 for every album seemed fair at that time, but only you now realize it's actually way too much.
  • Maybe you expect to release a lot of new work, and CDBaby's pay-per-release pricing plan does not work for you anymore. Or you found out that paying $20,- to receive a UPC code for your album is actually ridiculous.
  • Maybe you are done with Ditto's customer service team not responding to tour questions timely, and you just want to move on.
  • Maybe you are fed up with Distrokid pushing you to pay upgrades, hidden add-on fees and take revenue cuts on top of your annual subscription - for example for YouTube monetization.
  • Maybe your songs got included in playlists, you’re starting to make some serious cash and you don't want AWAL to take a cut of your earnings anymore.
  • Maybe you just have the idea that your current distributor has fallen asleep and stopped improving their system, service or pricing.
  • Maybe you took on the job to administer royalties for your collabs, but the accounting is becoming too much of a headache and you want to automate it.
  • Maybe you are looking for a distributor that actively explores new territory, thinks ahead and makes it easy for you to enter the world of blockchain and NFTs with your music.
Whatever the reason, you are most welcome to transfer all your existing music to PlayTreks, so that you can benefit from hassle-free monetization at the best terms in the industry. And don’t worry about keeping your stream counts, playlist placements or availability of your music – we got you covered.