The PlayTreks NFT marketplace allows you to sell basically anything in the form of music, image or video, as long as you are the creator and hold the right to sell them. This may even include physical goods or experiences, in which case your NFT acts as a ticket that entitles the owner to receive something special.
Here are a few examples of the items that you would be able to sell as an NFT.
  • A (previously released or unreleased) piece of music
  • Limited-editions of your music (like special remixes, acoustic versions)
  • Acapella's
  • Pictures (including album artwork)
  • Lyrics and/or poems
  • Videos (including music videos)
  • VIP-tickets
  • Access to meet & greet sessions
  • Access to a personal shout-out or birthday wish
As you can see, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Be aware that selling or licensing your music as an NFT does not replace "traditional" music distribution and monetizing on digital channels like Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube. NFT's are an additional, rapidly growing income stream for creators and music right holders.
If you are looking for Music Distribution to regular channels like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etcetera, PlayTreks has you covered. Just check out the PlayTreks Music Distribution app.