Whether you are an artist or a label managing multiple artists, you can build your fan base through the marketplace and monetize your work in new ways, by directly selling and/or licensing it to your audience as an NFT.
Your public profile in the PlayTreks Marketplace is the place where fans can keep track of any new creations, and where they can like, share and buy your work. We will be supporting several ways to monetize your work, including:
  • Licenses
    It has never been easier to grant a license to using your music.

  • Digital Collectibles
    Create unique music or art collectibles through NFT releases.

  • Crowdfunding and fan-funding
    Raise money through a token launch, with the option to have fans and early believers share in future revenues.

  • Access to experiences
    NFTs can act as a certificate of ownership or access. Holders of these NFTs can unlock access to special, exclusive content and perks.
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