PlayTreks can split earnings from any song or album and route it to anyone. You set the percentages, and we will automatically disburse the earnings to all collaborators, every month.
If you are an independent artist...
PlayTreks makes it easy for you to collaborate! This feature helps you to easily share earnings with co-producers, bandmates, managers - or whoever supports you in your career.
If you are a label owner...
Say goodbye to cumbersome royalty administration! You can use this feature to automatically pay all the artists on your roster. PlayTreks has a powerful reporting engine that will give them insight in the earnings.
This is how it works:
  • When creating a release, use the "Royalties" section to invite the people you would like to share your earnings with.
  • Enter their details (percentage, name, email) and save the royalty configuration.
  • PlayTreks will inform everyone about their share.
  • What if you add non-PlayTreks members to a team? No problem! They will get invited to a free PlayTreks account, so they can collect their royalties too.
Here's how it looks:
Fairly easy, right?
Other cool stuff you'll want to know:
  • You can change the splits any time.
  • You can add or remove collaborators any time.
  • For privacy, collaborators can only see what percentage they get. They can’t see who your other collaborators are, or what percentage other people are getting.
  • Your release won’t be delayed if your collaborator is slow to sign up. We’ll just hold the money for them until they join.