Accuracy: Albums and tracks titles, should always match the cover image titles as accurately as possible without any class of abbreviation.

Additional information: All titles of albums and tracks should not include any additional information unless it is really necessary for the identification of the content.

Generic titles: Do not use generic titles for the tracks. Titles as “Track 01”, “Track 02”, will not be accepted unless they are really the original track titles. This same rule is applied for the release titles, titles as "Album", "EP" or "Single" won't be accepted.
Multiple titles for albums and tracks: The albums and tracks containing multiple titles must be separated with a slash (“/”). Please insert a space before and after the slash.
Tracks version information: To differentiate between multiple versions of the same track or indicate that a track is different from its original version, use the corresponding description in its version field.

Use of "Exclusive" or "Limited Edition": The titles of albums and/or tracks must not contain terms such as "Exclusive" or "Limited Edition", because the titles are a permanent part of the content.

References to physical content, digital content, or content that is not included: The album titles should not include terms referring to content that is not included in the album. Such as physical formats, digital formats, or geographic location. Some examples are E-Release, Digital Version, Digital Only, Digital Download, with Booklet, European Edition, American Edition, etc.

References to video format: The titles must not include references to the video format or specifications like “Video”, “Clip”, “PAL” or “Music Video”.
Unnecessary version information: The standard version, i.e., the original version of a track, must not include additional information. For example: Original Version, Album Version, Original Mix, etc.
Live content: If a track is recorded live, it must be indicated in the version field as "Live", " Ao Vivo", "En Vivo", and so on, according to the language of the album. If all tracks are recorded live, it must also be indicated in the version field of the album.

"Deluxe Edition" / "Extended" and "Bonus Tracks" use: A "Deluxe Edition" or "Extended" release can be published when a previous album version exists, providing additional material to the first one. The incorporation of the old material can't be omitted. As well, a "Bonus Track" will be accepted if it is included in this type of release. It must be indicated on the field “Version or remix”. In no case will be accepted a track title as “Bonus Track”.
Censoring Words: Artist names, track titles, and album titles must be submitted in the original form that was intended by the artist. Explicit words are automatically censored in some channels, and would appear as for example: “f**k” or “s**t”. So do not insert the asterisks in the titles.
Side-by-side translations: Side-by-side translations in Korean are not allowed (this means, translating the title to English and including it in the own title as a part of it). For example: "이카루스" is correct, but "Rise 이카루스" won't be accepted. The rest of the languages cannot include this resource either.