When distributing a release, the streaming stores automatically assign releases to their artists' profiles.
Unfortunately, this means that sometimes, releases get assigned to an incorrect artist profile.
This issue tends to happen with Artist Profiles with identical or similar names, as the stores create and organize them automatically. 
In the case that this happens to you, the quickest way to solve it is to contact the creator/artist support of the streaming store where there is an issue.
If this is not possible (for example, if you need a new artist profile to be created), please send the following information to [email protected]
  • Your Artist Name
  • The link to YOUR ARTIST PROFILE. If you don't have an existing artist profile, please write down this exact sentence "Create new page"
  • The link to YOUR CONTENT that is currently published under another artist's profile
Please note that you will need to send this information for each of the streaming stores presenting the issue.